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Staff Favourites

Staff Favourites

Discover which items are staff favorites and find out why they love them!
Natural Castor Oil

All you need to know about Castor Oil.

Discover the versatility of Castor Oil and its numerous benefits for skin. From deep moisturizing and soothing properties to its ability to promote collagen production, Castor Oil is a natural powerhouse for healthier, more radiant skin.
Lockable 100ml PET pump bottles

Your Next Holiday

Lockable PET Pump bottles for your Travels
How do I know which Fill to use for my hampers? - centaur packaging

How do I know which Fill to use for my hampers?

What should I use to fill my hampers?

Plastic Free Ban on cutlery - centaur packaging

Plastic Free Ban on cutlery

Plastic cutlery ban begins soon - 1/11/2022. Explore these alternatives.

Running Workshops - centaur packaging

Running Workshops

Running Workshops & No Wastage Pump Bottles

Crystal Beauty Tool - centaur packaging

Crystal Beauty Tool

Have you ever used Crystal Facial Rollers? 

Matching Products - centaur packaging

Matching Products

Do you like having matching products in your kitchen or bathroom? 

Beaded Keychains for Kids - centaur packaging

Beaded Keychains for Kids

Are you looking for an activity for the kids during lockdown - here is a quick blog about making keychains using our macrame beads. 

New Frosted Bottles & Jars - centaur packaging

New Frosted Bottles & Jars

Are you captivated by the new frosted jar collection at Centaur Packaging?

Relax with some French Early Grey Tea - centaur packaging

Relax with some French Early Grey Tea

Is it indulgent to drink French Earl Grey Tea? 
No way! There is nothing I love better than a cuppa on an Autumn Afternoon.
Ceramic Pump Bottles - centaur packaging

Reusable Pump Bottles

Are you looking for a reusable  Pump bottle for hand soap or storage for your carrier oils?