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7" Square Deep Palm Leaf Bowl Pack of 25
7" inches or 180mmm square Top x Tapers to 90mm x 90mm at Bottom x and holds 1 1/4cups of liquid
Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls - centaur packaging

Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls

Palm plates and palm leaf bowls are nature’s gift to us. Biodegradable and made from the eco friendly palm leaf, these palm leaf disposable plates come from naturally fallen, Areca nut palm leaves which are collected, washed to remove dirt, and pressed into various forms. No chemical is used in the process to make palm leaf disposable plates and palm leaf bowls. The leaves used for palm plates and palm leaf bowls are biodegradable, compostable, sturdy, can hold hot or cold food, can hold liquid without leaking, and are microwaveable. Convenient to use, we sell palm leaf plates wholesale. Show you care: enjoy the eco friendly entertaining experience with palm leaf plates and palm leaf bowls. No trees are harmed nor damage done to the environment. Centaur Packaging also offers palm leaf plates wholesale, well worth trying palm leaf disposable plates as the easy, convenient, biodegradable answer.


I would like to use only palm leaf plates and bowls at my function. Do you have multiple shapes and sizes?

Yes our palm leaf range caters for main meals, appetiser size servings or even platters.

Is this range biodegradable?

Yes they are biodegradable, compostable and durable.

Are the palm leaf plates liquid and heat resistant?

Yes they are Liquid and Heat resistant.

Do you stock and alternative to plastic?

Due to its strength, heat resistance, and lack of moisture absorption, palm leaf plates are an excellent replacement for plastic or paper plates.