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Polypropylene Strapping - centaur packaging

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping can be an effective alternative to steel or polyester strapping at a fraction of the cost provided the load can be securely strapped within Polypropylene specifications.In addition to being economical, polypropylene strapping has the advantage in its ability to handle shrinking and setting loads it can also accommodate an expanding load as well. There is a wide range of sealing methods which can be used with this type of strap.


Do I need a tool to tighten this strapping?

Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping can be secured by hand using wire buckles. Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping can be secured by hand using wire buckles.

What can I use to secure this strapping with?

You can use this strapping with plastic & metal buckles.

What is the purpose of polypropylene strapping?

Plastic is used to make polypropylene strapping, which is lightweight. To prevent shifting or movement during shipping, it is most frequently used to bundle things together and to wrap pallets.

What distinguishes PET strapping from PP strapping?

PET (polyester) possesses strength and durability that are more comparable to steel than PP (polypropylene), which is lightweight, affordable, and designed for lighter strapping applications. A greater range of industries can employ PET strapping.