Use void fill for cushioning of products while they're in transit – Centaur Packaging website

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Void Fill - centaur packaging

Void Fill

Void Fill

Great for packing Glassware, crockery or just filling cartons to prevent damage while items are in transit.


Is your void fill biodegradable?

Yes it is 100% Natural, 100% Biodegradable packaging solution & Environmentally friendly & compostable.

What advantages does void fill offer?

Void fill, to put it simply, is the substance utilised to fill voids in packing. In order to help hold the product(s) in place and prevent movement, it efficiently plugs any gaps between the shipping box and the product(s). This significantly lowers the likelihood of damage during handling, storage, and transportation.

What is void fill made from?

It is made from corn starch.

Do I have to buy your void fill in bulk?

Yes it is sold only in a 400 litre bag.