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Small Calico Pouch
10.00cm x 8.00cm
Christmas Gift Bags - centaur packaging

Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas Gift Bags

Want to get Festive. Christmas Gift Bags can be used by retailers to give there goods, or can be used instead of wrapping. Gift-wrapping made easy with these Christmas bags and sacks. Team up with some of our reusable options such as Jute Christmas bags, Calico or Hessian. Printing on some of these items is possible. Talk to us today about your requirements for Christmas packaging. we have experts waiting to help you with all your wrapping requirments.


Where can I buy Cheap Christmas gift bags with handles?

Centaur Stocks a wide range of Christmas gift bags for every budget. We stock well made bags that work for Multi seasons.

How can I wrap my Christmas Gifts?

Christmas Gift bags are a great way to wrap your Christmas gifts. Our Bags come in all shapes and sizes and can make a theme or statement under your tree.

Can I buy Quality Christmas bags to resell?

Our Prices and quality are for everyone. If you are looking to package a product or resell your bags that's ok with us!

Where can I buy reusable Christmas bags?

We stock a large range of reusable Christmas Gift Bags. You can reuse paper but more sturdy materials such as Jute, Hessian or Calico bags might be better suited to reuse.