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Party Bags - centaur packaging

Party Bags

Party Bags

Party gift paper bags are perfect end to celebrate a party. Fill with chocolate, lollies or bonbonniere. Decorate with a customized stamp or label to match your party or wedding theme.


Do your Party bags come in different colours?

Different colours maybe available on request by contact the team at Centaur Packaging via email
Generally, an order in item may only be available as a box only purchase.

Would the budget kraft bags be ok to use for a lolly buffet?

The budget kraft bags are of high quality and are a perfect addition to lolly buffets.

What sort of paper bags do you offer?

We have a very large range of bags for all occasions. We offer flat bags, bags with gussets and larger bags with twisted paper handles.

Do you have a special request for a special type of bag?

We can also custom make a bag and print with your details. If you need larger quantities of bags for food or bags for packaging, we offer a huge range of wholesale bags.