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Bamboo Catering - centaur packaging

Bamboo Catering

Bamboo Catering

The Centaur Packaging Gourmet Disposables range features a variety of eco friendly bamboo products, palm leaf products, and pine products. Our stylish, durable, plastic serving ware from bamboo products is a caterer’s dream. This bamboo catering range adds a touch of style and sophistication to your next service or function. Our bamboo supplies include disposable plates, bamboo cutlery, skewers and palm leaf disposable bowls which are the eco ­friendly way to present exotic, gourmet delights.


Can Bamboo Plates be used again?

Bamboo or Pine wood are used as disposable vessels for Catering. They are best to be discarded as they can not be properly washed.

What is Bamboo Bagasse?

Bagasse is a material made from the waste of either the Bamboo or Sugar cane Pulp. It can be bleached or unbleached but all three are great environmental choices.

Will my food go soggy in a Pulp takeaway container?

No in fact these containers are very popular due to Oils and liquids will not soak through. Sugarcane pulp fibre is breathable, helping to keep food fresher for longer. Microwave and refrigerator safe

Can Bamboo Pulp go in the Microwave?

Yes, Bamboo and Sugar Cane pulp can have short burst of heating up in the Microwave or under heat lamps.