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Chemical Resistant Trigger - Black
31cm top of trigger x 8mm diameter clear tube
Spare Parts for Essential Oil Bottles - centaur packaging

Spare Parts for Essential Oil Bottles

Spare Parts for Essential Oil Bottles

Reuse your essential oil bottles, Repurpose old Young living Collagen bottles and my favourite converting normal drippers with a glass dropper.

Glass Droppers are my favourite way to dispense essential oils. No waiting for it to drop out and then getting way to much or not enough!. With a glass Dropper you just use the bulb to draw up the amount required. No more waste!

If you are looking for a spare part and cant find it here let us know we probably have it and can help you with your next recycled project.

Essential oil bottles also make the best mini vase or propagation vases.


Where can I buy Misters for my Bloom Collagen bottles?

Centaur Stocks Black and White Misters, and Pumps to fit the Young living Collagen bottles. Great way to reuse and repurpose for workshops.

What is the best way to clean and reuse my essential oil bottles?

My favourite way to reuse your essential oil bottles is to place them for a week in some Epson salts this will draw out any extra oils left behind, I then pop the lot in my bath and rinse. I then remove the label and either pop in the dishwasher of wash in hot water then in the microwave for 50sec. Now its ready to use again!

Can I buy roller tops for my essential oil bottles?

Yes we have a great range of spare parts to reuse essential oil bottles including roller Barings and Lids.

My Spray trigger has stopped working, can I buy a new one?

Totally! we sell replacement Chemical resistance triggers which are great for vinegar and other natural products.

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