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500ml Amber Glass Bottle with Standard Trigger Spray
26.7cm to top of trigger spray x 7cm round diam x 500ml
500ml Amber Glass - White Bench Cleaner
26.5cm to top of trigger spray x 7cm round diameter x 500ml

Spray Bottles

Spray Bottles

With their versatility and convenience, spray bottles are essential tools for maintaining cleanliness, promoting hygiene, and facilitating various tasks around the home, garden, and beyond.


How can I adjust the spray pattern of a spray bottle?

Many spray bottles feature adjustable nozzles or settings that allow you to control the spray pattern. These settings may include options for a fine mist, a concentrated stream, or a wide spray. To adjust the spray pattern, simply rotate or twist the nozzle to the desired setting before use.

Can I reuse spray bottles for different liquids?

Yes, spray bottles are reusable and can be refilled with different liquids. However, it's essential to clean the bottle thoroughly between uses to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, some liquids may react with certain materials, so it's advisable to choose compatible liquids and materials for refilling.

How do you clean and maintain spray bottles?

To clean a spray bottle, start by emptying any remaining liquid and rinsing the bottle and nozzle with warm water. For a deeper clean, you can add a mild detergent and water solution and shake the bottle before rinsing thoroughly. Ensure the nozzle is clear of any residue or blockages. To maintain the spray mechanism, periodically lubricate the nozzle and inspect for any signs of wear or damage.

What are the different types of spray bottles available?

Spray bottles come in various types depending on their intended use. Common types include trigger spray bottles, which are ideal for household cleaning and gardening; fine mist spray bottles, suitable for personal care products like perfumes and facial mists; and continuous spray bottles, which use a pump mechanism to produce a continuous and even mist, often used in beauty and haircare applications.