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Glass Mister Spray Bottles - centaur packaging

Glass Mister Spray Bottles

Glass Mister Spray Bottles

Glass spray bottles represent an optimal choice for effectively utilizing essential oils across various applications, including cleaning, perfuming, and more. The requirement for these spray bottles lies in their durability and ability to withstand the properties of essential oils.
At Centaur Packaging, we specialize in providing high-quality misters and various other types of bottles at wholesale prices. Our aim is to facilitate your journey in promoting essential oils and low-toxicity practices to a wider audience. Shop with us today on Afterpay.


What spray bottle would you suggest for my low tox cleaning products?

Glass or PET bottles with a trigger spray would be ideal for household cleaning.

What are my options for perfume bottles?

Starting at 5ml all the way up to 100ml we offer a wide range of perfume atomizers.

Can I use your perfume bottles to package my own fragrance?

Certainly, Centaur Packaging have numerous shapes of perfume mister glass bottles ideal for your custom perfume blends.

Is there a spray mister bottle suitable to take with me on the go?

At Centaur Packaging we have an amazing selection of smaller sized perfume bottles that would fit perfectly in your handbag.