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8cm x 15cm bottom x 25.5cm bottom
Boxes for food - centaur packaging

Boxes for food

Boxes for food

Food boxes are an essential item for food presentation and are critical to delivering the goods to customers safely and clean.

Centaur Packaging is aware of the challenges associated with food packaging when you need a box for food, and has come up with a tempting range of food box products to suit every business.

Wholesale and contract food box pricing are available for larger or ongoing food box orders, so please contact us to quote for your business boxes for food packaging requirements if you need food boxes.


Who sells boxes for food catering?

Centaur Packaging stock a large range of boxes for hospitality purposes. Our range varies from cupcake boxes and cake boxes, window boxes, biscuit boxes, food pails and grazing boxes.

Are there any discounts for bulk purchases of baking boxes?

Centaur Packaging are a wholesaler of cooking and presentation boxes, our prices are based on bulk volume - the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. These prices are available to all customers.

What material are food boxes made from?

Centaur Packaging's boxes are made from either sugarcane pulp, bagasse & corrugated cardboard.

Are all boxes food safe?

Not all boxes are made with food safe glues but majority of Centaur's are.

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