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Kraft Rolls - centaur packaging

Kraft Rolls

Kraft Rolls

Kraft paper rolls for shops and home use for gift wrapping, books, pattern making and DIY projects. 

Bulk rolls are convenient because they last for longer, rolls come in 50m lengths and varies widths.

Brown kraft rolls are often known as club rolls, can be added to paper wrapping stands. Used as fashionable menu boards at Cafes.


Where can I buy kraft paper rolls?

Centaur Packaging sells kraft paper in rolls of 50m. Delivery Australia Wide.

Where can I buy thick kraft paper roll?

Centaur sells kraft paper roll that varies in thickness, but average is around 70gsm.

How can I wrap my gifts naturally?

Using kraft paper is good natural and environmentally friendly wrapping option.

What finishing touches can I add to jazz up my kraft gift wrapping?

Popular ways to dress up kraft paper is to use jute string, coloured ribbons, dried flowers and paper raffia products.