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Candle Wax

Candle Wax

Explore the versatility and beauty of beeswax and unleash your creativity with our exceptional candle-making wax collection."


What are the advantages of using beeswax for candle making?

Beeswax offers several advantages, including a natural honey scent, clean-burning properties, and a longer burn time compared to other waxes. It also emits negative ions when burned, which can help purify the air and improve overall air quality.

Is beeswax suitable for all types of candles?

Yes, beeswax is versatile and can be used to make various types of candles, including container candles, pillars, votives, and even taper candles. Its natural properties make it an excellent choice for different candle-making applications.

How can I work with beeswax effectively in candle making?

Beeswax can be melted using a double boiler or a dedicated wax melter. It's important to monitor the temperature to prevent overheating, as excessive heat can degrade the quality of the beeswax. Additionally, properly sizing and centering the wick is crucial for optimal burning performance.

What is the melting point for this bees wax?

This beeswax has a melting point between 62 and 65 Degrees Celsius.