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Aromatherapy PET Sprays and Pump Bottles - centaur packaging

Aromatherapy PET Sprays and Pump Bottles

Aromatherapy PET Sprays and Pump Bottles

We have a range of clear and amber empty pump spray bottles. Our amber spray bottles are perfect for protecting your oil blends from UV light. Our spray and pump bottles come in a variety of sizes: 50mL, 100mL, 200mL and 500mL.

Foamer Pumps are a great way to make your Liquid soap or Castile soap in to eco-friendly hand wash


Can Glass pump bottles be refilled?

Yes Glass is always a great product to reuse. PET can also be reused and if using with essential oils just check its still stable every 6-12 mths. At Centaur we stock the best quality PET so it is always safe to use with your oils.

How do you make body wash?

Making your own body wash is really easy to do. The main item you need is one of our great PET Foaming bottles either in Amber or Clear.

What is PET ?

PET is a material that is normally Clear, Strong and is a type of plastic safe for Food and Cosmetics.

What is the difference between a Serum Pump and a Liquid Pump?

Not Much! the main difference is the amount that is dispensed. Both are suitable for use in Aromatherapy.