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How do I know which Fill to use for my hampers?

Here at Centaur Packaging we have a few options to help create that special gift. Using a type of fill for your boxes will help protect the products on display and also stop things moving around. Packing Materials we have are Paper Shred, Food grade paper shred and a wood wool. A practical and eco-friendly way to fill your hampers.

Now to decide which will work best for my needs. 

Wood Wool

Made from Shredded timber and is generally found in hampers and packaging. Also can be used to transport Fragile goods. Made from shavings of virgin Pine. The wood wool is then naturally air-dried and then packaged for distribution. Ideal for those heavy items like Bottles of wine and glass jars also larger fragile items. The other advantage of the wood wool is it will be less soggy if it happens to be exposed to moisture.

How do you use wood wool?

When packing your items into your chosen hamper to make sure they are secure, use the wool generously to fill all the gaps. Pull apart the fibers to aerate it slightly. 

Is wood wool eco-friendly?

Wood wool is an eco-friendly product that is completely biodegradable and can be recycled. Wood wool is an excellent alternative for synthetic packaging materials, such as Styrofoam or bubble wrap, because it is a natural product and can be sustainably produced from untreated timber.


Food Grade Shredded Paper

This type of shred has been screened for food safety and therefore can be used with direct contact for food. Some ideas may be cookies, cakes and fruit.

How is Food Grade Shredded Paper produced?

Food grade shredded paper is made from virgin paper that is certified for direct food contact. It is manufactured in warehouses that have been certified to produce clean food grade shredded paper in a sterile environment. 

What can you use Food Grade Shredded Paper for?

Food grade shredded paper is best used for dry foods. Coming into contact with wet foods may cause the shred to become soggy. Packaging for dry foods such as confectionery, cookies, and cakes

  • Gift Hampers
  • Basket boxes
  • Nested boxes
  • Packaging protection during transport

Is Food Grade Shredded Paper eco-friendly?

Because food grade shredded paper is made from virgin paper it is chemical-free and an eco-friendly material that can be recycled and reused around the home much like regular shredded paper.


Crinkle Shredded Paper

What is Crinkle Shredded Paper?

Made from shredded paper, crinkle shredded paper is similar to regular shredded paper; however, the paper is tightly compressed and crinkled by a machine before it is put through the shredding machine.

What is Crinkle Shredded Paper used for?

The subtle zigzag crinkles in crinkle shredded paper helps to create extra body and spring when filling containers. This makes it slightly more durable than flat shredded paper. It is well-suited for medium to heavy-weight items and can be used for:

  • Gift Hampers
  • Basket boxes
  • Nested boxes
  • Shop displays
  • DIY crafts
  • Packaging protection during transport

Is Crinkle Shredded Paper eco-friendly?

Yes, like shredded paper, crinkle shredded paper is recyclable, eco-friendly, and can be reused around the household as pet bedding or compost and mulch in the garden.


Preserved Spanish Moss 

Natural Spanish moss is actually not a moss at all. This plant has a spaghetti-like appearance and grows in large, beard-like masses. It hangs from trees by the stems and does not have roots and thus does not require soil.

Commonly used as a topper for flower gardens, potted flowers and other floral inspired designs as a decorative element. They also serve to hide the mechanics of flower designs.

Easy to spread out, Spanish moss can be scattered to decorate event tables, draped over wedding arbors and fill out marquee letters. Living gift boxes full of succulents would also look lovely on a bed of moss.


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