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Picks, Tongs And Forks - centaur packaging

Picks, Tongs And Forks

Picks, Tongs And Forks

Bamboo, pine and palm leaf products are all made by using eco friendly materials. Make your next party a delight with this beautiful range. Picks, Skewers, Bamboo  cocktail forks, Wooden forks and Chalkboard skewers are perfect for any catering event. Skewers are perfect for kababs, prawn dishes and more will even go in the deep fryer.


Are the Bamboo Tongs large enough to serve large items with?

No, its more suitable for for finger food.

Are these food safe?

Yes these are food safe, great for weddings & functions. A fun way of labelling food.

Are your bamboo skewers study?

Yes, being bamboo the will hold food with ease.

Are your bamboo forks friendly to the environment?

The Fork is made from natural wood using sustainable forestry practices that do not damage the environment.