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Clams - centaur packaging



Our bagasse clamshells will be useful for food trucks, burger bars, taverns, and cafés.

The most suitable use for them are packing for takeout and food delivery.

Clams are available in bagasse, bamboo & cardboard. As burger clams, snacks clams and dinner clams.


Are bagasse clams recyclable?

Centaur Packaging's clams are made to be fully compostable as opposed to being recycled, they are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility within 60-90 days.

Are clams suitable for hot food?

Yes, bagasse is natural and non-toxic. Sugarcane fiber is breathable, helping to keep food fresher for longer.

Are food clams suitable for the microwave?

The bagasse clams that Centaur Packaging stock are suitable for reheating in the microwave. They are also refrigerator safe, leak and oil proof too.

What sizes are available in food clams?

Centaur Packaging stock the most common sizes - the burger, snack and dinner clams.