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Heat Sealing Machines - centaur packaging

Heat Sealing Machines

Heat Sealing Machines

Our heat sealing solutions make sure that your items' quality is maintained during storage, shipping, and mailing. All kinds of items, including food and other perishables, books, electrical equipment, and more, are best sealed in bags.

Our heat sealers are designed for demanding uses. We offer impulse hand sealers, constant heat hand sealers, constant heat foot sealers, and some with cutting mechanisms.

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Where is the best place to buy a heat sealer in Australia?

Centaur Packaging can assist you with your heat-sealing machines. We sell replacement parts and our products are designed for high usage.

Should my Heat sealer be hot all the time?

No, the Heat sealer should be hot when the arm is pushed down and when it is up it will remain cool.

What is the difference in Heat sealing to Heat shrinking?

Heat Sealing is where the bag is Cut and sealed to size. Heat Shrinking is there the object is put into the film and sealed then heated to shrink the plastic around the product.

Where can I buy replacement parts for my Heat sealer?

Centaur Packaging does sell the replacements Teflon strips for heat seal machines. Reach out to us today.