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10ml Amber Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper - Black
8cm to the top of the bulb x 2.4cm round diam x 10ml
20ml Amber Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper - Black
9.5cm to the top of the bulb x 2.7cm round diam x 20ml
50ml Amber Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper - Black
12cm to the top of the bulb x 3.5cm round diam x 50ml
Bamboo Dropper Bottles - centaur packaging

Bamboo Dropper Bottles

Bamboo Dropper Bottles

A beautiful range of Bamboo Droppers ideal for your essential oil blends.

Classy Bamboo with white or black options teamed with a wide range of bottle options.


Are your Bamboo Dropper Bottles safe for Citrus blends? 

Glass is the best when blending Citrus, as the glass cannot be broken down by the oil.

What's a good bottle to put my home made face serum in?

Yes the Bamboo Dropper bottle is perfect for facial serums with its beautifully bamboo lid looks great on a shelf. Also with the glass dropper allows you to dispense the perfect amount each and every time.

Is this the square dropper bottle available in other sizes?

Yes it comes in a 50ml as well as a 30ml and both sizes are available as droppers and misters.

Should bottles be sterilized before using?

Yes absolutely, we recommend it, you can either fill them with hot water or run them though a dish washer cycle.

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