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1-5ml Glass Aromatherapy Bottles - centaur packaging

1-5ml Glass Aromatherapy Bottles

1-5ml Glass Aromatherapy Bottles

Make sure you have purchased these small glass roller bottles from an Australian family business so you can share the essential oil journey with others.

Wholesale Glass bottles for aromatherapy and oils are available with flat rate shipping. Based on the South Coast of NSW Centaur has been a family business for over 24 Years.

Specializing in Aromatherapy glass bottles.


Where can you buy essential Oil bottles to give away as samples?

Centaur Packaging has a large range of small glass bottles that are suitable for giving essential oil samples. A 1ml bottle is a great way to send a sample of essential oils.

Why do you use a 5ml Roller Bottle?

5ml Glass Roller bottles are handy for transporting and traveling with. Convenient and Made of thick glass these bottles are sturdy and great for Kids.

Why are Amber glass bottles often used in Aromatherapy?

Amber Glass bottles have been at the forefront of Aromatherapy for years. Now we see all sorts of Colours and Styles in Glass Bottles. Most commonly Amber glass is used as it provides oils a stability away from light and heat.

Where to buy bottles that don't leek?

Its a very irritating problem to have if you have a roller bottle that is constantly leaking. We do test every batch on arrival to eliminate the risk of leaking bottles.