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10gm Amber Pet Jar
10gm x 36mm x including lid 20mm
Plastic Jars - centaur packaging

Plastic Jars

Plastic Jars


How do PET jars accommodate the packaging needs of household and industrial products, including detergents, cleaning agents, and craft supplies?

The durability of PET makes it suitable for packaging both liquid and solid household and industrial products. PET jars provide a secure and reliable packaging solution for items such as detergents, cleaning agents, and craft supplies.

What makes PET jars an ideal choice for food packaging, specifically for candies, spices, nuts, and honey?

PET jars are chosen for food packaging due to their transparency, which enhances the visibility of the products, attracting consumers. Additionally, the material is food-safe, preserving the freshness and quality of items like candies, spices, nuts, and honey.

In the cosmetic and personal care industry, how do PET jars enhance the presentation of creams, lotions, powders, and other beauty products?

PET jars are prevalent in cosmetic packaging due to their clarity, allowing customers to view the colour and texture of creams, lotions, powders, and other beauty products. This transparency contributes to an appealing presentation on store shelves.

Can PET jars be used for a variety of essential oils, including those with different viscosities or properties?

Yes, PET jars are versatile and suitable for various essential oils, regardless of their viscosity or properties. Whether the oil is thick and resinous or light and volatile, PET jars provide a reliable and adaptable packaging solution.