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Latte Cup-200ml - Jaffa
$1.95 $3.95
10cm x 8cm at top 5cm at bottom
Latte Cup-200ml - Bamboo
$1.95 $3.95
10cm x 8cm at top 5cm at bottom
Mugs, Cups & Saucers - centaur packaging

Mugs, Cups & Saucers

Mugs, Cups & Saucers

Cups Mugs and saucers must be durable. Dishwasher-safe, and up to the rigors job. They nevertheless need to be resilient and made to withstand spills and bangs in a hotel environment. Discover quality in hospitality here.

There are trendy patterns and colours for every café and hospitality business.

Our selection of Bevande cups, saucers, creamers, teapots, and new platters strikes the ideal mix between traditional design and contemporary finish while offering a wide variety of essentials, on-trend items, and colours.


How can we prevent breakages in our café crockery?

Avoid stacking heavy dishes on top of lighter objects, improperly stack the dishwasher, and other practises can assist prevent chipping and breakages. Be sure to also check the pressure of the water in your dishwasher and consider your storage of crockery.

Who stocks Bevande cups on the South Coast of NSW?

Centaur Stocks a range of the Bevande cups, mugs and Saucers by Trenton. If we dont have your colour in stock we can order it in for you.

What makes Hospitality Mugs different to what I can buy at Kmart?

Investing in mugs for Hospitality use will pay off. The constant hard work the cookery will endure will safe you money in the long term. Hospitality crockery is tough and hardwearing.

Can I blend different colours with my Mugs and Cups?

Yes Mix and match your styling to improve how much you enjoy your tea and coffee while providing modern style to the table. You may use Bevande to make your own unique story that gives your venue more aesthetic appeal.