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Aromatherapy Packs - centaur packaging

Aromatherapy Packs

Aromatherapy Packs

Our aroma packs are perfect for those new to aromatherapy or wellbeing veterans. Grab an aromatherapy pack for yourself or spread the love by giving as a gift.

All of the items Centaur Packaging provide in our aromatherapy packs are of the highest quality. Try an aromatherapy pack today.


Are your welcome packs suitable for use with essential oils?

Yes they are.

What sort of labels are on your Gratitude boxed rollers?

They are Hot stamped with Gold Foil.

What can I put in the bottles and jars in your starter pack?

The starter pack comes with some recipe cards but you can use your own homemade products in them.

Why should I buy your aromatherapy packs?

Apart from the great quality, we have done the hard work for you of packaging these packs together to make them an easy option for welcome packs for your workshops.

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