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Recycled Eco Napkins - centaur packaging

Recycled Eco Napkins

Recycled Eco Napkins

Catering, cafés, restaurants, and events frequently use eco-friendly bio napkins in the Kraft variety.

They are made of FSC paper and are simple to dispose of. If they are not too soiled, they can be recycled or composted.

Cocktail napkins are popular for Canapes, afternoon teas or under a cup on a saucer. Lunch napkins are great for Lunch or takeaway and Dinner napkins for exactly that a dinner or function where a large napkin is required.


What are kraft brown napkins made from?

Centaur keeps two varieties of kraft napkins in stock. One is created with unbleached FSC paper, while the other uses recycled fibres.

Can Brown or Kraft napkins be recycled?

If they are not too soiled, kraft natural napkins can be recycled. Additionally, they may be composted.

Where can I buy Dinner napkins near me?

Dinner napkins made from sustainable materials are available from Centaur Packaging. Additionally, we carry white napkins and linen look. We send our napkins Australia wide.

What a beverage Napkins?

Small napkins known as beverage napkins or cocktail napkins are typically used for canapes or under drinks.