Our bundles are composed of carefully selected wellness products. – Centaur Packaging website

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Wellness Bundles

Wellness Bundles

Introducing the Wellness Bundles, all your wellness needs combined into one package! Enjoy convenient access to a range of health and wellness products designed for optimal wellbeing.  Our bundles are composed of carefully selected wellness products that are tailored to the needs of the individual. Our Wellness Bundles are the perfect solution for those looking for convenience. 


Do I need to trim the tube to fit the bottle?

Yes you may need to cut a little off.

What can I make to reuse my YL bloom bottles?

Room sprays are a great way to impress friends and family with your low tox Journey. Use your old YL bloom bottles to make up a blend. Attach this mister and gift these to potential customers.

Will this mister fit my Young Living Bloom Collagen empty bottles?

Yes they have a neck that fits a 28mm bottle.

Can I recycle a bloom collagen bottle?

Yes this Glass bottle in Amber can go into your recycle bin however how about giving it another life and attaching this White Mister to it giving it a repurpose. Mister bottles have a wide range of uses and one of my favourites is a linen bed spray.