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Eco Scrubs 2 Pack
7cm x 11cm x 5cm
Jam Funnel - Stainless Steel
8.5cm x across top 14.2cm across bottom 5.5cm
Eco Friendly Kitchen - centaur packaging

Eco Friendly Kitchen

Eco Friendly Kitchen

Are you looking to make your home and Kitchen low tox? This can be achieved on many levels. Its important to remember that this is your journey and reducing your chemical intake in any household is beneficial than no attempt. A few things that I love about a Eco Friendly kitchen are no strong chemical smells. Use BiCarb for Cleaning, Silicone food covers instead of Cling Wrap, Use loose leaf tea and Hemp teabags for when you dont have your teapot. There are lots of small ways you can help the environment with your choices.


How can I eliminate Cling Wrap in my Kitchen?

A great way to eliminate Cling Wrap in your kitchen is to use Silicone food Covers, or Beeswax wraps If you truly cant live without we do stock and environmentally biodegradable cling.

How can Bamboo wipes make a big difference to Chux type cloths?

Using bamboo wipes makes a huge difference to the environment. Standard types of dish cloths have always been known to contain and element of plastic. Natural Fibers are also Highly absorbent..

Can you use Stainless steel tumblers for Hot and Cold?

Insulated tumblers are perfect for Hot and Cold Drinks. Avoid the Takeaway cup and reuse your tumbler..

How to Make a small change to low tox your Kitchen?

My Favorite way to low tox any kitchen is to eliminate Chemicals for Cleaning. Using things Like BiCarb, Citric Acid and Vinegar you an easily eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from your home.