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Cellophane Bag P28-Pack of 100
280 mm x 125 mm x 50mm (Gusset)
Cellophane Bag - centaur packaging

Cellophane Bag

Cellophane Bag

For any of your needs, Centaur Packaging can provide cellophane bags and polypropylene bags that are perfect for meals like fudge, chocolates, homemade foods, and craft items. We provide a wide variety of cellophane packing options to give your goods a polished look. Cellophane bags from Centaur, which include transparent cellophane bags, big cellophane bags, small cellophane bags, and a wide range of other cellophane bag varieties, can be closed with decorative ties or ribbons or with expert, watertight packaging sealed using a heat sealing machine. Choosing the ideal package for your food goods is simple thanks to the food grade materials.


How do I seal my cellophane bags?

Cellophane bags from Centaur Packaging can be, taped, or heat sealed.

What's the composition of a cellophane bag?

Cellophane is an environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic since it is produced from paper pulp rather than plastic resin.

What may a cellophane bag be used for?

For candy, chocolates, cookies, potpourri, candles, spices, and baked goods, cellophane bags are ideal. Use for Christmas gift bags or as gift bags.

Do your cellophane bags decompose naturally?

They do decompose, yes.