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12" Cake Board Round Masonite - White
12 Inches x 12" inches or 30cm x 5mm
14" Cake Board Round Masonite - Silver Foil
$2.30 $4.62
5MM x 14"inches or 35mm x 14"inches or 35mm
14" Cake Compressed Board Square - Black
$2.90 $5.83
14 Inches or 35mm x 14"inches or 35mm x 5mm
Cake Boards - centaur packaging

Cake Boards

Cake Boards

Centaur Packaging know that a brilliant baking result is all in the foundations: great looking cake boards under your next creation not only look professional, they can also avoid a cake disaster during transport.

Centaur Packaging have a wide range of cake base boards,­ also called cake rounds,­ in different sizes, with mini cake boards, large cake boards, the classic, round cake boards, rectangle cake boards and contemporary, square set styles available. Match your next cake masterpiece to a stylish base, using a cake board, such as a rectangle cake board, to accent the look. With a range of thicknesses in stock, including large cake boards and mini cake boards, we can help you build from the smallest to the largest baked monuments.

Stylish, professional and practical, a great cake board from Centaur Packaging is the best start to presenting beautiful baked works of art. Whether you need a wedding centrepiece or to make sure a cake makes it to the market stall, Centaur Packaging has the cake board you need. Why not experiment with different ideas: round cake boards, a rectangle cake board, mini cake boards or large cake boards, we have the cake base board you need.


Do you supply to bakeries?

Yes we do supply to bakeries and offer bulk quantities of cake boards.

Do your cake boards support a heavy cake?

Yes our Masonite cake boards will definitely support a heavy cake.

Are your cake boards single use?

Our milk boards and 2.8mm foil boards are single use only.

How much bigger should a cake board be than the cake?

It should be at least two inches bigger in diameter than the cake you are baking as this will allow space for icing the cake and also decorating the cake board.