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10gm Amber Pet Jar
10gm x 36mm x including lid 20mm
Aromatherapy Plastic PET Jars - centaur packaging

Aromatherapy Plastic PET Jars

Aromatherapy Plastic PET Jars

Aromatherapy PET is a High Quality Plastic used for Storage with Essential oils. At Centaur Packaging we offer a top range of Aromatherapy plastic and aluminium jars for the best storage of any well-being homemade products. We offer the highest quality PET plastic jars that are safe for the storage of any aromatherapy items. They are fully recyclable too! We offer discounted wholesale prices on all of our Aromatherapy plastic jars across various volumes: 10gm, 100gm, and 250gm


Are the PET clear plastic jars recyclable?

Yes the PET Clear plastic jars are able to be recycled making them the practical alternative to Glass Jars.

Do your PET clear jars with white lid come with wads?

Yes they do come with a wad.

I need a Pet container for lip balm/ gloss. Do you have a suitable products?

Yes you could use our 10gm PET amber jar or our lip gloss tube with applicator.

Can I label the PET jars?

Yes they are ideal to label.