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Our single-use paper straws are a more environmentally responsible option than plastic ones.

Our standard paper straws feature attractive designs and available in a variety of sizes and hues. These compostable straws are the ideal option for your smoothie or cocktail because they are eco-friendly, fashionable, and useful. They are available in several sizes to fit any drink.

If kept cool and dry, our selection of paper straws has an endless shelf life.

Our Biopak straws are made with FSC paper and are certified home compostable.


Are all paper straws the same?

No they are certainly not. They vary mainly in the paper thickness. This is why people complain that the paper straw goes soggy. Tip look for at least a 3ply straw.

Can you have Straws Custom printed with our design?

Yes Centaur Packaging can organize you to have a custom straw printed in your design or logo. Mins are around 100,000.

How many plastic straws were being used in Australia daily before the plastic free bans?

A staggering 10Million!!!

Can paper straws be recycled?

Yes they totally can, however they be too small for some machinery so it is important if recycling to pop them into a larger cardboard box. Or better still why don't you compost them?