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Crafting Beaded Keychains for Children

If you want to make a quick, easy and creative DIY craft to do in your spare time ,here is an easy one for you. My beaded keychains are easy to make with a few simple supplies from Centaur Packaging.

You will need:
Shop cotton
Clay beads
Wooden beads

Step one:
Cut a length of cotton approximately 60cm

Step two:
Thread cotton on to clasp so two lengths are hanging

Step three :
Thread the beads on in the pattern you like

Step four :
Tie Granny knot to end

Step 5 :
Cut off any access cotton

My handy tips
You can substitute the cotton for a natural jute, however make sure it’s not Hairy as this makes threading messy.

Suitable craft for 6+

By Amber Rowe (age 12)


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