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Jam Jar- with Black lid 270ml
270ml 89.3mm (H) 73.1mm (DIA)
Jam Jar- with White lid 270ml
89.3mm (H) 73.1mm (DIA)
Jam Funnel - Stainless Steel
8.5cm x across top 14.2cm across bottom 5.5cm
Homesteading - centaur packaging



Homesteading might sound very American, but certainly has been an Aussie thing for ever!  It has also had a big resurgence; it is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by living sustainably, home preservation of food, Gardening or small scale farming.  Small differences will make a big change to our environmental impact. Try preserving some excess food and sharing it with your friends and family.


What is Homesteading?

Homesteading is a range of activities that would be considered low impact to the environment or Activities that help with providing for yourself. Good examples of living cleaner and sustainably would be Preserving, Growing your own food, making your own: soap, toiletries and beauty products – such as skin care, Making homemade cleaning products and remedies.

Why is living Sustainably so similar to Homesteading

Living Sustainably and Homesteading is kind of a back to basics lifestyle. You don't have to live in the country there are plenty of people that live in urban areas that Garden, Share produce, and are ethically minded. Its a beautiful practice to be mindful of the land and our planet.

Why are Jars important in Living sustainably?

Jars are a great way to preserve unwanted food, Store excess produce, a humble jar can be recycled or reused many times. Jars can be sterilized and make wonderful vases and decoration items as well.

Where can I buy items for preserving or Homesteading?

Centaur packaging sells a wide range of Glass jars for preserving, Food Calico bags for food and garden storage, Soap making and you will love our wellbeing range for making your own cleaning and beauty products.