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Resin Art - centaur packaging

Resin Art

Resin Art

Resin art is anything created through the use of combining some resin and hardener for purely aesthetic purposes.

There are many creations that you can do with these products, such as jewellery, cutting boards & key rings.

All of our range has a QR code to watch an instruction video.


What products do you need to make resin art?

Centaur Packaging carries a range of resin basics like clear resin, coloured resin, UV light pen and metal shapes for jewellery.

Where can I purchase a resin UV light pen?

Centaur Packaging carries resin basic range which includes the UV light pen. Our pen helps set your artwork cures in 3 minutes (direct sun light can take up to 60 min)

Where can I buy coloured resins from?

Centaur Packaging has the following colours in stock - blue, white, light blue, light green and white.

Who sells resin jewellery bezel shapes?

Centaur Packaging sells 4 different designs in hexagon, triangle, teardrop & circle in packs of 2.