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Aromatherapy Aluminium Tins - centaur packaging

Aromatherapy Aluminium Tins

Aromatherapy Aluminium Tins

Aluminium tins frequently don't receive the credit they deserve as metal containers; however, they provide a multitude of possibilities. These aluminum containers go beyond their basic function and find utility in various areas. From aromatherapy balms to serving as preferred choices for beekeepers' wax and polish storage, these containers exhibit their versatility. Moreover, they're an excellent choice for packaging tea. Centaur Packaging proudly presents aluminium tins at wholesale rates. opt for a purchase from a trusted family-operated enterprise, ensuring both the reliability of the product and the satisfaction of working with a company dedicated to quality.

  • Aluminium tins are versatile containers often overlooked but offer numerous possibilities.
  • They are used for storing aromatherapy balms, beekeepers' wax and polish, and packaging tea.
  • Centaur Packaging offers aluminium tins at wholesale rates.
  • Trust a family-operated enterprise for reliable products and dedicated quality service.
  • Explore the potential of aluminium tins for your packaging needs.
  • Shipping available Australia-wide.
  • Buy aluminium tins in Sydney for fast shipping and convenience.

Discover the versatility of aluminium tins for your packaging needs today! Trust Centaur Packaging for high-quality products and excellent service. Visit our website to explore our range of aluminium tins and place your order now for fast shipping, whether you're in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia.


Can you put balms in these tins?

Yes you can, they are ideal for this purpose.

What sort of lid do Aluminum tins have?

They a have a screw lid.

What colours do Aluminum tins come in?

Our tins come in silver, gold and black.

Can I use these metal tins to package candles?

Yes and having the lid as well will help protect the wax when being transported.