Organza Bags, multiple sizes & colours available from Centaur Packaging

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multiple coloured organza bags

Organza Bags

Organza Bags


What sizes are available for your organza bags?

Our organza bags come in a range of sizes to accommodate various items. We offer small sizes ideal for delicate jewellery pieces, medium sizes perfect for small gifts or trinkets, and large sizes suitable for larger items such as cosmetics or accessories.

What colours can I choose from for the organza bags?

We offer a diverse selection of colours to suit your preferences or match your branding. You can choose from classic options like white, black, and silver, or explore vibrant hues like blue, and green. Additionally, we offer soft pastel shades and elegant metallic finishes to cater to every style.

How secure is the ribbon drawstring closure on the bags?

Our organza bags feature a ribbon drawstring closure that provides both security and elegance. The drawstring allows you to effortlessly open and close the bag while ensuring your items remain safely inside. The ribbon is securely attached to the bag, preventing any accidental opening and keeping your belongings protected.

Are organza bags suitable for storing delicate items?

Yes, organza bags are suitable for storing delicate items like jewellery, as the sheer fabric provides a protective layer without scratching or damaging the contents.