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Bamboo Mister Bottles - centaur packaging

Bamboo Mister Bottles

Bamboo Mister Bottles

Our Bamboo Misters & Pump bottles are great for your blended room sprays, perfumes & face serums.

In a wide selection of bottles to suit your needs. 


Can I add flowers to my mister?

Yes you can but you need to be careful they don't get sucked up the tube. If they do they can stop the mister from working.

What can I do if my mister isn't working?

Make sure that the tube in the bottle is sitting above the bottom of the glass, do not over fill and make sure the tube is clear of botanicals or any particles. Try removing the tube and flushing with cold water.

Can these bottles be used for essential oil blends?

Yes, these bottles are perfect for EO blends. You can also add botanicals to give it a different look.

Where can I buy Wholesale room spray bottles?

Centaur Packaging sells a large range of Room spray bottles this 100ml glass bottle with Bamboo mister is perfect for a room spray.