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Coloured Napkins - centaur packaging

Coloured Napkins

Coloured Napkins

Napkins come in all sorts of Patterns and Colours. Centaur Packaging ships disposable paper napkins Australia Wide.

We keep GT Dinner Napkins, Square folded lunch Napkins and Cocktail napkins to name a few.

These days we mainly keep White and Kraft Natural napkins as they are commonly used in the Hospitality game and are most economical.


Where can I buy Coloured Napkins?

Coloured napkins are offered by Centaur Packaging all around Australia. By purchasing coloured napkins from a packaging supplier, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality item.

Where can I buy Hospitality quality wholesale Napkins?

Paper napkins of the highest quality are offered by Centaur packaging. These are premium disposable napkins for Hospitality use but can also be used at home or for events.

What is a GT folded napkin?

A square napkin that has been folded into a rectangle is known as a GT folded napkin.

Are Disposable Napkins available in different sizes?

Cocktail napkins, which are a small square, lunch napkins, and dinner napkins, which are the largest, are all available from Centaur Packaging.