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12oz -Hot or Cold bowl PLA Kraft-Pack of 25
62mm x Mouth width 115mm x Base width 92mm
12 - 14oz PET Cold Cup Pack of 50
10.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 10.5 cm
24oz PET Cold Cup - Pack of 50
15cms x 6cms Bottom x 9.5cms Top
Cold Cups & Lids - centaur packaging

Cold Cups & Lids

Cold Cups & Lids

Cold Cups are often used at home for parties and also takeaway cafes and food vendors. Bio cups are a great cold cup solution. Milkshake cups are a great old fashion solution for Milkshakes, thick shakes and Juice.


What are cold cups used for?

Clear cold cups are designed to hold cold drinks such as Fruit juices, slushies, Milkshakes and smoothies. At Centaur Packaging we have a cup for your needs.

What are the Paper Milkshake cups made from?

Paper takeaway Milkshake cups are made from strong paperboard and are double coated on the inside and out to protect against condensation.

What sizes do the milkshake cups come in?

The milkshake cups come in 3 sizes. We stock 16, 22 and 24oz cups,

What are the Hot/ cold bowls made from.

Insulated double wall Hot or cold bowl. Use for hot items such as Soup, curries, stew, cold items such as fruit salad, garden salad deserts. Unlike traditional paper cups that use a petroleum-based plastic lining, these cups are lined with a bioplastic lining PLA derived from corn starch.

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