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Natural raw Ingredients - centaur packaging

Natural raw Ingredients

Natural raw Ingredients

We offer a wide range of the best aromatherapy raw ingredients, including salts, wax, flowers, and berries. Grab some of our raw ingredients so that you can start creating your own handmade / homemade soaps and other aromatherapy items.

Making your own low tox and ecofriendly cleaning products or Beauty products can not only be rewarding it is also a great way to save money. Talk to us today about starting out on your own journey to ditch chemicals.

If you're looking for a particular raw ingredient and can't find it on our site, reach out to us for advice.


Where can I buy Cheap Natural Bi Carb?

Centaur Packaging carry's an affordable range of natural products such as Bi Carb, Citric Acid, Salts and More.

Can you use your Clay to ingest?

Our Natural Ingredients are not Decanted in a food Safe Manner and there for are only should be used for Beauty, Cleaning and topically.

Is Epson Salts good for a sore back?

Epson Salts has stacks of health benefits. But yes, it will help a sore back.

Can Castile soap be used to make body wash?

Yes Castile soap is an affordable way to make body wash. Make sure you add some MCT oil as not to dry out your skin.