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Packaging Tape - centaur packaging

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape

Centaur Packaging has all your packing tape needs. Fragile, clear or brown. For use with a tape dispenser or without we have the best quality available.


Are your packing tapes of good quality?

Yes they have excellent adhesion to paper and cartons.

What are your packing tapes made from?

Our clear and brown packing tapes are made from 630 Polypropylene.

Why should I use packing tape on my moving boxes?

The ideal choice is packing tape because it is made exclusively for sealing boxes. Using common adhesive tape, masking tape, or electrical tape may cause boxes to open or objects to fall out in the process.

Is transparent packing tape preferable to brown tape?

Because of its vibrant colour and high adhesive, brown packing tape is useful. On the other hand, clear packaging tape offers adequate stickiness but does not obscure or disguise the box's appearance.