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Bamboo Dripper Bottles - centaur packaging

Bamboo Dripper Bottles

Bamboo Dripper Bottles

Discover our Bamboo Dripper Bottle collection featuring Clear, Frosted and Amber glass bottles, perfect for storing essential oil blends and beauty products. Made with quality materials, these bottles are the ideal choice for your favourite aromatherapy creations.


Can I use these to add oil to my diffuser?

Yes you can, it is a measured unit.

is there a better price if I purchase these bottles in bulk?

Yes the more you buy the better the price. See Centaur packaging website for the pricing and any other information you may require.

Where can I Blue Glass Aromatherapy bottles?

Centaur Packaging has a wide range of Blue Cobalt glass bottles for essential oils.

Does this have measured drops?

Yes it does

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