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Introducing our leak-proof 100ml travel bottles with lockable pumps – the ultimate solution for stress-free holidays. Tired of dealing with shampoo spills and messy toiletry mishaps? Our innovative design ensures that your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash remain safe and secure throughout your journey.

Designed to fit snugly into your carry-on luggage, these compact bottles are the perfect travel companions. Say goodbye to the hassle of relying on disposables or making do with hotel-provided toiletries. With our leak-proof bottles, you can enjoy the convenience of taking your own low tox or preferred products at your fingertips without the fear of leaks or spills.

The lockable PET bottles with pumps add an extra layer of security, ensuring that your toiletries won't accidentally dispense during transit. No more worrying about opening your luggage to find a gooey mess – our clear PET bottles are here to make your travels smoother and more enjoyable.

So why compromise on your hygiene and convenience while traveling? Check out our range of Glass and plastic bottles and experience the freedom of worry-free packing. Embrace the ease of bringing your preferred toiletries along and make your next holiday a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

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We also have PET amber bottles labelled for your toiletries - Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.



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