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Bath Salts & Bath Bombs - centaur packaging

Bath Salts & Bath Bombs

Bath Salts & Bath Bombs

Bath salts and Bath Bombs are easy to make once you master a few tricks. Check out our blog on making Bath bombs and tips of bath salts.

My Biggest tip with bath bombs is to take your time and slowly add your liquids.

My Biggest tip with Bath Salts is stick to Epson, pink Salt and Botanicals when starting out.


Can I add essential oils to my Bath salts?

Totally Yes, Bath salts are truly lux with essential oils, think relaxing!

Do Bath Bombs need to set?

Yes, best to leave them over night to cure.

Are bath bombs safe for Children?

This is the great thing, If you make it you know exactly what is in it and you can tailor it to suit your family's needs.

What are the best type of moulds for bath bombs?

Metal bath bombs are the best, they don't flex or Crack as easy as the plastic ones.