Food safe bags help with preparation & storage of food products. – Centaur Packaging

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Stand-Up Pouch with Window Kraft - Large Pk50
260mm x 180mm x 80mm bottom pouch
Stand-Up Pouch White - Extra Small Pk50
14cm x 9cm x 50mm bottom pouch
Stand-Up Pouch White - Large Pk50
26cm x 18cm x 8cm bottom pouch
Bags for food - centaur packaging

Bags for food

Bags for food

Food safe bags can be made of different materials such as Plastic food grade, paper lined food grade, and Food safe paper. Always buy from a reputable seller like Centaur packaging who know the product and what is best for you.

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Can I use any paper bag for food?

Our paper bags are designed for Food. You always need to check that food safe glues and coatings are used

Why are cellophane bags good for storing food?

Cellophane bags are made from plants, and this is great for storing food in.

Do you sell Australian Made paper bags?

Yes our flat paper bags are made here in Australia.

Why are stand up pouches popular?

Stand up pouches are popular as they are easily sealed and opened and resealed.