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Take Away Boxes - centaur packaging

Take Away Boxes

Take Away Boxes

When serving customers who want to take their meals home, cafés and restaurants should have takeaway containers. They are ideal for moving food because they are made of cardboard or sugar cane.


Can I put something else in your takeout containers than food?

Yes, our takeaway boxes are excellent for organising, keeping craft supplies, and wrapping gifts.

My restaurant offers takeout meals in various quantities. Do you have a variety of takeout box sizes?

Yes, Centaur Packaging carries takeaway containers in a variety of sizes.

Do you have a different option besides a plastic take-out container?

Yes we have cardboard, sugarcane,100% biodegradable and compostable take away boxes.

Which container is ideal for takeout food?

Foil or plastic takeout containers have traditionally been the preferred choice because of their durability. However, there is now a solid and dependable eco-friendly option thanks to the growth of premium quality biodegradable food containers.