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Paper Twine - centaur packaging

Paper Twine

Paper Twine

Paper Twine is often used to tie fresh foliage together, gift wrapping or even crafting needs. Strong and versatile, this natural material has many uses. Some florists prefer to use Twine to tie off bouquets for a neat and minimal finish.


Can I use Paper Twine for my floristry needs?

Paper Twine is a great alternative to use on floral decorations due to it being more of a natural look and easy to work with.

Would paper twine be ok to use in weaving?

Yes, Paper Twine is very easy to work with. It is also available in a range of different colours and diameters. Available from Centaur Packaging.

Is Paper Twine Eco friendly?

A: Paper Twine is a sustainable choice for your gift wrapping choices. It is made from 100% paper which means it's recyclable.

Is there a difference between Paper twine and string?

Although both these products look similar, there is very little difference. Paper twines may not be as thick as traditional twines and not as stiff.