Sunday Bowls or Cups are popular for Hot or Cold food – Centaur Packaging

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12oz -Hot or Cold bowl PLA Kraft-Pack of 25
62mm x Mouth width 115mm x Base width 92mm
Sunday Cups & Bowls - centaur packaging

Sunday Cups & Bowls

Sunday Cups & Bowls

Your next kid's party, catering event, or event can serve ice cream in paper bowls or cups.

Hot soup and take-out curries can both be served in these bowls.


Where can I buy a Sunday cup?

Centaur Packaging has bowls available for cold dishes and can also be referred to as a Sunday Cup.

What sizes do you have in ice cream cups?

They come in 3oz, 5oz and 8oz.

Do these cups have a lid.

No they don't come with a lid.

What colours do I get in my sleeve of ice cream cups?

They are a mixed sleeve of yellow, pink, green & brown.