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5-10ml Glass Roller Bottles - centaur packaging

5-10ml Glass Roller Bottles

5-10ml Glass Roller Bottles

Glass Roller bottles for essential oils are the go to for using your oils. Oils can be easily applied to the body and can be made up with blend so you can use them when most needed. Essential oil roller bottles are available in many colours and designs but Amber Roller bottles still remain the most popular.  Centaur Packaging is a wholesaler of Amber Glass roller bottles and can find a product to suit your needs.


Why should I use a glass roller bottle for my essential oils?

The majority of essential oil types are not commonly bottled in plastic because many of them are caustic enough to eventually degrade plastic containers.

How do you clean glass roller bottles?

Disassemble the glass roller. Place your parts in hot, soapy water. For five to ten minutes, let soak. If you can, use tiny brushes to scrub each piece then rinse well in warm water. Dry.

Can you reuse roller bottles?

Yes, you most certainly can reuse your roller bottles.

How do you remove a roller from a roller bottle?

At Centaur Packaging we have a roller key which makes it easy to remove and insert your roller.