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500ml Amber Glass Bottle with Standard Trigger Spray
26.7cm to top of trigger spray x 7cm round diam x 500ml
50ml Amber Glass Bottle with Black Mister Spray
11.8cm inc spray x 3.6cm round diam x 50ml
50ml Clear Cream Jar with Bamboo Lid
4.6cm overall with lid x 6cm x 2.9cm to neck of jar
200ml Amber Glass Bottle with Mister Trigger
17cm to top of extended pump x 5.5cm round diam x 200ml
60ml Amber Glass Jar
5.5cm including lid x 50mm round diam
100ml Clear Cream Jar with Bamboo Lid
4.8cm Including lid x 8cm Diameter x 3cm High to the throat of the jar
Well-Being - centaur packaging



Our Well-Being section provides the opportunity to purchase packaging items that you may want to make, preserve, clean and enjoy. High quality Glass Essential Oil Roller bottles and Aromatherapy Amber glass bottles with wholesale pricing discounts.


What is aromatherapy, and how does it work

Aromatherapy uses plant-based essential oils to improve well-being through inhaling or applying them, leading to various therapeutic effects like relaxation, stress reduction, and improved mood.

What are some common essential oils used in aromatherapy and their associated benefits?

Common essential oils used in aromatherapy include lavender (for relaxation and sleep), peppermint (for energy and focus), eucalyptus (for respiratory health), and tea tree (for skin care and immunity). Each oil has its unique benefits and can be used to address various physical and emotional concerns.

Why are glass bottles preferred for storing essential oils used in aromatherapy?

Glass bottles are preferred for storing essential oils in aromatherapy because they are non-reactive and do not interact with the oils. This helps preserve the purity and potency of the essential oils, preventing contamination and degradation. Additionally, glass is impermeable to air and light, which can also degrade the oils over time, ensuring the oils remain stable and effective.

What are some simple daily practices that can contribute to overall well-being?

Simple daily practices like exercise, a balanced diet, sleep, stress management, social connections, and joyful activities promote overall well-being by enhancing physical, mental, and emotional health.

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