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Spring Clean Your Washer

It's spring cleaning season again, which includes arranging and cleaning closets, kitchens, attics, and the whole house, but what about big appliances like your washing machine?

You wash your clothes at least once a week, but washing machines, including tubs and toilets, need daily cleaning as well, despite being constantly exposed to the soap and water involved with laundry.

Over time, detergent dust, dirt, soap scum, and mould build up in the machine, causing odours. 

 Cleaning your washing machine will extend its life and insure that your clothes are washed in a clean and effective manner on every cycle. Of course, before cleaning the washing machine, read the owner's manual.

Baking soda, bleach, and a towel are what you'll need to sanitise the unit.

Using 4 cups vinegar and 1 cup baking soda in a top-loading washing machine.

Using 2 cups vinegar and 12 cup baking soda in a front-loading machine, or the recommended washing machine cleaner tablets.  

For a top load, set the machine at its hottest and largest setting. When it is filled up with water, add the vinegar and baking soda, and then let it run the whole cycle.

For a front load, add the baking soda in the drum and the vinegar in the dispenser. Set the machine at its hottest and largest setting and let it got the whole cycle.

When it finishes the cycle, wipe out the drum and the inside of the machine, picking up any leftover residue. Don’t forget to also clean the exterior of the machine using a damp cloth.

However, choosing front-load washers with stainless steel outer tubs is the safest way to reduce mildew growth and odour.

Plastic is used in low-cost versions, and as we all know, plastic surfaces provide perfect conditions for mould and mildew to flourish. Look for front-loading washers with stainless steel inner and outer tubs, as well as an antimicrobial door seal.

Your washing machine is now squeaky clean and ready to begin cleaning and washing your clothes to the best of its capacity.


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